Chocolate Melting Instructions

Ever wondered how to melt chocolate without burning it? Read Megan's tips below for how to make even and glossy melted chocolate in five minutes!

Place chocolate or summer coating in a plastic container, not glass, and microwave on high for 15 to 30 seconds at a time, depending on the strength of your microwave. Stir the chocolate vigorously after each 15 to 30 second window. Please not that the inside of the melting wafer may be melted even though it retains its shape. A pound of chocolate will take one to two minutes to melt depending on your microwave.

You may also melt your chocolate in a double boiler using your hottest tap water in the bottom pan. Never melt your chocolate on the stove. It will get too hot and the sugars in it will burn.

Never add water, milk, cream, butter, flavors, or any other liquid. THIS INCLUDES LIQUID AND GEL FOOD COLORING because they will thicken the chocolate. Please note that colors, especially Red, Pink, Dark Green, and Super White may take a little longer to melt.