Our edible images are made of a thick high quality edible paper.  We're happy to help you with minor edits and changes to your images to make your cake graphics perfect, or choose from our pre-deigned images.  We have the licenses to all the major movies and tv shows. 

We use the best paper available that boast: superior flexibility, easy to peel backing and durability in any climate. The edible ink and paper are both FDA approved and safe for your cakes and cookies.  


How does this work? There are two options

In Store: Send your images ahead of time or bring in your photo to the store.  We'll prepare it for printing, but we will not print until you get there and approve. Please keep in mind that we will spend no more than 10 minutes editing your photos, and if the store is busy we will make ourselves available to other customers.  To avoid this, please send you image a day ahead of time with the details of your picture. 

Pick Up: If you would like to just run in and pick up your image, please send us exactly what you want printed as a word document or pdf  THEN pay here.  As long as you send your image by 4pm the day before pick up, we'll have it ready for you when you get to the store. Please include as much information as possible including: the desired size of the image, size of the cake, any writing, colors  or cropping that needs to be done.  



8x10 - $12.50

8x14 $14.00

12x16 $21.00

What about cupcake toppers? We only print to full sheet papers.  We do not print onto pre-cut paper.  However, our paper is thick and can be cut using a hole punch.  You can borrow ours at the store.  We will cut any paper for you for a fee of $5 per piece of paper. 

What if we want rice paper? We do print to white rice paper.  These are $8 and only come in 8x10 size. 


  1. Have a plain just-frosted cake ready. Do not apply any decorations before applying the image. Frosting should be butter cream or creamy frosting. 

  2. Frosting or icing should not be dry or have crusted.

  3. Remove Edible image from bag and leave out in normal room conditions for about 15 minutes.

  4. Icing Image will peel away easily from backing paper. (If any difficulty, pull backing sheet over the sharp edge of a table, etc., and frosting sheet should come away from backing sheet or place image in the freezer for 15 seconds then peel).

  5. Lay PRINTED FROSTING SHEET on top of your cake by holding ends and applying middle first and then the ends. If any wrinkles, gently pat image to smooth out.

  6. Add border or edging of your choice to your cake.

  7. You may write on top of the image with frostings or jellies.


  • Images do not need refrigeration.

  • If your image will not remove from the backing, use a hair dryer and carefully blow hot air on the backing of the image for approximately one minute. This will dry the image out and allow it to easily peel away.

  • Various frostings can be used, however, a very wet Whipped Cream or Non-Dairy Topping can cause the image to fade if left in the refrigerator.

  • If cakes are frozen, it is best to thaw slightly before applying the Icing Image.

  • You will note that the taste of the Icing Image is non-existent when cut and eaten with the slice of cake.

  • If printing a round or shaped image, cut with scissors before peel-off.

  • DO NOT LEAVE IN DIRECT LIGHT OR SUNLIGHT. When storing, turn face down in a safe place where image will not get damaged.


What kind of paper are the images printed on?

The images are printed on an actual layer of icing. The icing sheet has a backing, similar to a sticker that you will remove before applying the image to your cake. The icing sheet is sealed in a plastic bag, and can last up to 6 months before use, without refrigeration.

What kind of frosting should I use on my cake?

Icing Sheets adhere differently to different toppings. The sheet requires moisture to adhere. When using a fondant or other dry icings, you must dampen the surface you are applying the sheet to. With store bought cakes or buttercreams you should apply the image when the frosting is freshly applied, if not they can crust or dry and you must dampen the frosting prior to applying the sheet. For best results, use a white or light colored frosting where the sheets are to be placed - this will ensure that the image colors are not washed out by a darker frosting color.

When should I apply the image sheet to my cake?

Depending on how wet your frosting is, the image will begin to fade with too much moisture. If you are concerned about fading, place the sheet on the cake within an hour of the event. If you are using a cake bought at a bakery with the harder frosting, the image can be placed on at your convenience, but not more than 48 hours prior to the event.