Bitts of History

In April 1975 Margie Bittenger, Little Bitt, with her husband, Don, started selling cake and candy decorating supplies out of the basement of their home.  They were one of the first exclusively cake and candy decorating stores on the east coast.  Demand for what they were selling grew, and they moved to the Wheaton Triangle location.  Here they continued to expand the inventory selection, and began teaching classes.    ---------


In 1997, Margie and Don move to Iowa and sold the business to Anne and Bob Shilke.  Bob  and Anne met at Little Bitts; Bob was a regular customer and Anne worked at Little Bitts, so this was a fitting next step in life for them after retirement.  Bob expanded the class selection offering everything from basic decorating to airbrush.  Bob’s pure love for decorating was evident and he made sure that everyone went home knowing exactly how to make what wanted! 


In 2015, Megan took over from Bob.  It is my sincerest hope that I can continue the tradition that Margie, Don, Anne and Bob had began. 

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bob and anne.jpg